These are some of the things JPAF has done for the schools and students thanks to donations, events, grants and

New Life For Old Notes program. See all the instruments that have been donated on Instrument Inventory Page also.

Photos by Phil Axelband

Knabe Baby Grand Piano donated to Jupiter Middle School. Thank you Dr. Dale Mitchelll! Mr. Destito, Dr. Dale Mitchell, Dr. Goffe

Recipient of 2010 Summer Jazz Camp Scholarship, Adam Merkt          Mellophones  for Jupiter High School

Zildjian Cymbals donated for Jupiter High School      Mrs. Aunger/Smith of Jupiter El. with a check for new reeds

Mr. Destito withTrumpet & Oboe donated to Jupiter Middle.      Mrs. Murray with Trumpet donated to Independence Middle.
JPAF members include Wendy Maus, Barb Gomes, Dr. Robin Sykes & Bari Axelband

Mr. Ron Carter teaching a Master Class                                           Lighthouse Elementary music director Mrs. Thelen with donated piano

Quad Drums donated to Jupiter Middle & used in the parade                   Independence band director Mrs. Murray with donated xlyophone
& JPAF donation for an artist in residence and a sousaphone

Jupiter High School’s Mr. Larkin with donation of  electric bass  & french horn

Instruments from JPAF to Jupiter High School along with the donation, that bought the 4 tubas, to band director, Mr. Larkin

Sax & Acoustic Bass donations to JMS’s Mr. Destito                    Independence Middle School’s Mrs. Murray with donated Trumpet

Michael Simoes 2011 Senior Scholarship Winner

2011 Scholarships Winners: Michael Simoes, Brent Summers, James Ehmer, Patrick Kreiger  and  Maxwell Gromet, Frankie Dittrick with Mr. Destito


JMS’s Mr. Destito accepting $3000 from JPAF & Admirals Cove Cares Foundation      JHS’s Mr. Larkin accepting $6000 from JPAF & Admirals Cove Cares Foundation
for music written by Mr. DelBorgo for their 2012 NY Heritage Competition.                    for music & drill written for Spirit of Jupiter’s 2012 marching competition show “I Feel”

Mrs. Foley of Jerry Thomas El with a JPAF check for music books.         Mrs. Murray of IMS with a JPAF check for artist in res. & a new sax

Jupiter Performing Arts Fund, through a grant from Target, sponsored jazz great Mr. Ron Blake to do 2 days of teaching clinics wtih Jupiter’s High School & 2 Middle Schools
finishing with a concert to a full house. The students learned invaluable lessons and loved every minute! That’s what JPAF is talking about… See photos below of the 2 days:

JHS Mike Larkin, IMS Chris Murray, Ron Blake, JMS Paul Destito              JPAF with band directors & Ron Blake

Ron Blake with some of the students & music teachers                                 Mr. Destito & his students taking it all in from Ron Blake!

Ron demonstrating some jazz licks at JMS                                            Explaining & teaching to captivated students

Ron Blake shows how to improvise at IMS. Chris Murray is thrilled!           IMS students are all ears & take it all in.

Ron Blake expresses himself for Jupiter High jazz students.                 He seems real happy with JHS jazz students!

This education can’t be beat!                                                                          Mr. Larkin & Ron Blake jazzing it up for the audience.

Christopher Maloney of Absolute Music jammin with Ron Blake.                Great concert JHS, JMS & IMS & thank you Ron Blake for you expertise.


James Ehmer: JHS 2012 Senior Scholarship                Jupiter High 2012 Scholarships: James Ehmer, Brian Borgman,
Brent Summers, Tristan Seibeneck, Olivia Smtih

Independence Middle 2102 Scholarships: Rachel Gebeloff, Michael Mackey,     Jupiter Middle 2012 Scholarships:
Megan Randell, Angel Grippaldi, Brett Warwick, Melissa Rivera, Ally  Capone        Chelsea Siebeneck & Christopher Fantin

Megan Randell, IMS scholarship winner at Juilliard Jazz Camp at BAK MOSA. 2012

Megan Randell with instructor at the jazz camp.                                      Ceil & David Randell with Megan and her certificate from the jazz camp.

Brian Neal of The Dallas Brass holds a master class at IMS for all brass player in the Jupiter schools.

instruments dontated to the schools  through New Life For Old Notes

Jupiter Middle school 2013 scholarship recipients with Mr. Destito

Jupiter High School’s 2013 Scholarsip recipients                                       Independence Middle School’s 2013 recipients with Mrs. Murray

Scholarships in actions:  Brett Warwick at FSU music camp                     Megan Randall at Juillard music camp

Mr. Destito at JMS recieves 2 instruments & a check with Sheril, Robin, Gina, Kristy & Bari.   Mrs. Murray at IMS recieves a check from JPAF.
To be used for Artists in Residence.

Katie Thompson at Lighthouse El with Sheril & Kristy                            Mrs. Melanie Foley at Jerry Thomas El. with Sheril, Robin, Sharon & Kristy
For an original song written by Roger Sams for 2nd grade concert             For music books

2014 Music Scholarships to better music education                                     JHS Senior recipient Kayla Smith with Robin Sykes & Sheril Jalm

Jupiter Middle recipients Francesca Jaramillo & Catherine Beeche with Mr. D & Kristy Krieger

JMS recipient sisters Emily & Jessica Dennis

Sheril Jalm & Dr. Robin Sykes with IMS recipients

Thanks to the generous sponsors listed here, we have exceeded our Heart Strings goal on the first year for the new Harp & Strings school program at Jupiter Middle School!

very generous donation from JPAF to Jupiter Middle School for the new Harp & Strings Program!

Sheril Jalm handing the donation to Dr. Goffe, while the students perform from the Harp & Strings Program.

Jupiter High School graduate & achomplished vibe player  Nathan Skinner gives master class to enthralled students at Independence Middle School

Nathan Skinner demonstrates & how to hold the sticks & plays for captivated ears in Oct. 2014   Thank you Nathan!

JPAF sponors pianist & entertrainer Copland Davis for a master class.


Jupiter High School Senior College Recipient                                               Jupiter MIddle School Recipients

Independence Middle School Recipients                                                         Jupiter High School Reciepients

Jupiter Middle School Recipients

Piano donated to Limestone Creek elementary school!!